1. YOU WON’T GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE – We’re a “boutique” agency, therefore we’re able to offer a more intimate surety relationship for our clients.  We get to know every aspect of our client’s business and make sure to fit them with the surety company that is best suited for the individual needs.  Larger agencies can take on a “factory” like atmosphere and sometimes clients can get lost in the shuffle.  We make sure that each and every client feels that they are our MOST IMPORTANT client, mainly because each client is our “most important” client.
  2. TOP TALENT LIKES TO WORK WITH TOP TALENT Our team offers over 2 decades of experience in the Contract Surety industry.  We have built a reputation as a well respected “get it done” BOND ONLY agency devoted to the needs of contractors.  Each of our team members brings their own unique business experience in addition to surety experience which can help bring your business to levels you never imagined possible.  Shouldn’t you want a “TOP TALENT” agency to represent your company?
  3.  WE REPRESENT OVER 30 OF THE FINEST SURETY COMPANIES – The construction industry is forever changing and therefore, the desires and needs of our clients are changing as well.  Our 20+ years in the industry has allowed us to build a solid reputation and establish unique relationships with each one of our sureties.  We have aligned ourselves with a vast number of A rated Surety Companies.  From start-up and specialty markets to large standard market companies, we will find the right fit for you!
  4. WE TAKE THE “CHORE” OUT OF BONDING  Some say that bonding is a “necessary evil” and many contractors don’t want to be bothered.  We will take the “chore” out of the bonding process. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the bonding process and assist you with whatever you need.  We have surrounded ourselves with the top CPA’s, attorneys, bankers and insurance professionals throughout Florida and would be glad to make an introduction so they can help with the process. Like we said “TOP TALENT LIKES TO WORK WITH TOP TALENT.”
  5. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE – The main thing customers remember about their experience with any business is the service they receive.  WE GUARANTEE TOP SERVICE!  That is just another plus about working with a boutique agency rather than a larger “factory” type agency.  As soon as your request is received, our team is hard at work making sure to get your bond done as quickly as possible.  Our strong relationships with our surety companies help ensure this.

Bonding is all about relationships and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we have built throughout the industry. Give us a call today and see why your business needs the

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