Information Needed To Properly Market Your Bond Line


Thank you for your interest in ALTER SURETY GROUP, INC.   We welcome the opportunity to improve your bond line and assist you with all of your bonding needs.  By submitting the following information, we will have the basic information necessary to evaluate your credit potential and properly market your bonding program.  There are underwriting requirements that need to be met before surety credit can be extended to your organization.


  • Completed Contractor Questionnaire

  • A copy of your last three (3) CPA prepared Fiscal Year End Financial Statements and Corporate Tax Returns

  • A copy of your most current In-house Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and A/R & A/P Aging Schedules

  • A recent Personal Financial Statement on all major stockholders

  • Resumes on all Key Personnel

  • Work in Process form is attached.  This should reflect work in progress as of a current date

  • A copy of your last three months Bank Statements for ALL Corporate accounts and a copy of your Line of Credit Agreement

  • Any other background information such as AIA Qualification Statement, Reference Letters, Insurance Certificate, Advertising Material, etc.

  • Completion of the attached Bond Request Form along with a copy of the contract/invitation/solicitation for the project you currently need the Bond for

Downloadable Forms

Form Name View Form Download
Contractor Questionnaire Open Download
Bid/Performance & Payment Bond Request Open Download
Job Cost Breakdown Open Download
Personal Financial Statement Open Download
Work In Process Open Download
Supplier Reference Open Download
Project Reference Open Download
Consent To Pull Consumer Credit Reports Open Download
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