Joe Schwartz

Alter Surety Bond Team Member Joe Schwartz
Surety Bond Producer

Joe Schwartz joined the ALTER SURETY team with a strong background in Finance and graduated from the University of Florida’s Heavener School of Business back in 2018. Having family roots within the South Florida construction industry, Joe has a “boots on the ground” understanding of the needs of contractors. Joe primarily focuses on both the South Florida and Central Texas marketplace splitting his time and working with clients in both areas.

In 2021, Joe obtained his General Lines Property and Casualty license to embark on his career as a Professional Surety Bond Agent. After learning the bond business from Warren Alter, he then set his eyes on the task of expanding our reach of services at our Texas office with David Satine, COO. He is extremely driven and employs an “extreme ownership” ethos to conducting business. Joe’s focus is working as a fiduciary to serve and create value for clients at every step of the bonding process.

Joe was raised in a military family and born in Dothan, Alabama. Growing up, Joe moved around the country from the Southeast to the Midwest and attended high school in Northern Virginia. Joe enjoys piloting airplanes in the skies of Texas and boating on Lake Austin in his free time